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HY-Turf Seeding Company is Houston’s foremost hydro seeding and erosion control company. With over 25 years of experience, HY-Turf Seeding Company specializes in cell fiber seeding, seeding and wild flower seeding. Our projects are wildly diverse - ranging from small yard services, to large business and construction sites, to road and interstate projects.

Hydro-mulching, sometimes referred to as hydro-seeding, is a process used for planting grasses, and other seeds used for soil erosion protection, and landscape beautification. This process is fast, efficient, and economical, and just as effective as sodding.

Our Hydro-mulching process includes:

  • Product batch mixing of our tested, high quality, certified turf mix

  • Transport from our location to yours

  • Spray application onto the ground

Our Hydro-mulching material dries and forms a protective barrier on the ground providing both erosion resistance as well as reducing moisture evaporation due to our hot Houston weather conditions. Depending on the weather, grass could become visible within 5-7 days!





Erosion Control
Drainage Control
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At HY-Turf Seeding, we offer a wide variety of high quality, certified products and professional services to provide the best quality lawns and erosion control in Houston. HY-Turf Seeding Company is proud to have over 14 years of experience serving the needs of our clients. We understand that what we do is important and often the last step for our commercial clients. Our on-time and professional services will help get your job completed…fast! 

Our services include:

Hydro-Mulching (also known as Cell Fiber Seeding):

  • 100% Wood Fiber Mulch

  • Tacifiers, Growth Enhancers and Other Additives For Your Specific Job site

  • Seed Mixes to Accommodate Your Specifications


  • Cell Fiber Seeding

  • Wild Flower Seeding

Wild Flower Seeding:

  • Seasonal Color for Years to Come

  • Proper Installation to Ensure Results

  • Consulting and Advice in Wide Variety of Wildflowers and Native Grasses

When you are need of immediate results, call HY-Turf Seeding Company. Our team of professionals is standing by ready to meet the challenge of your most demanding jobs. 713-898-2714


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